Any order is subject to acceptance by the Company in writing and every effort will be made to supply poults/growers/eggs on the dates specified by the Company. The Company will not accept liability for any consequential loss, arising from failure to deliver or complete an order it has accepted.
  1. If the customer wishes to cancel or amend an order the Company will make every effort to sell the product elsewhere. If this is not possible, the customer will be responsible for any unavoid able loss unless agreement to the contrary is made between the Company and the Purchaser at the time of such cancellation or amendment.
  2. Whilst every precaution is taken, no liability can be accepted for failing to deliver, or to deliver in time, due to infertility of eggs, seasonal conditions, fire, disease, mechanical breakdown, war conditions, occurrences over which the Vendor has no control.
  3. All stock is sold and accepted by the Buyer with all faults and imperfections and all conditions and warranties expressed or implied by Sections 13,14 and 15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1893, as amended or any other enactment of rule of Common Law are expressly excluded from the said sale.
  4. The Company will not entertain any egg claim made unless within fourteen days of receipt of the consignment. The Company will not entertain any other claim unless it is notified within six says of delivery and accompanied by full details. Veterinary Certificates must follow where and if applicable.
  5. The Company will not under any circumstances be responsible for consequential loss arising out of poult/growers/egg/deliveries.
  6. All egg/poult/growers orders are subject to 3% tolerance of numbers up or down, at delivery time.
  7. A 5% Credit Charge will be added to all invoices. This may be deducted if payment is made within thirty days of invoice date.
  8. The ownership of goods delivered to the Purchaser shall be transferred to the Purchaser only when payment in respect thereof has been received by ourselves in full.
  9. The above Conditions of Sale shall not be altered except with the Company’s written consent.
  10. Any arbitration to be in a British Court of Law.